Fixed Income Hong Kong 2019

28 - 29 May, 2019

Harbour Grand, Hong Kong

+65 6722-9455

Tariq Dennison

Investment Adviser, Portfolio Manager
GFM Asset Management

10:30 AM CIO Keynote Panel: What are the top 3 investment challenges and opportunities for 2019-2020 to look out for and how can you best prepare for them?

Will 2019 bring more stability, or more uncertainty? There are plenty of hurdles ahead: tighter monetary policy, political change, end of QE and technological disruption, not to mention huge environmental and social challenges. So how should investors react? In this panel, you will hear from our panel of expert Chief Investment Officers on how to best do asset allocation within the fixed income space to generate returns for your investors in an increasingly complex environment:
-          Future outlook on different asset classes and locations to invest - What have been the main recent events in Asia's bond markets, and what are the key developments to look at?
-          Against the market backdrop of synchronized global growth, easy financial conditions and low economic and financial market volatility, what is top-of-mind for investors in Asia Pacific?
-          Consolidation of the Industry – With the recent announcements of consolidation within the asset management industry, are we going to have half the number of asset managers that we have now?
-          It's a low-yield world with seemingly many challenges and uncertainties - What should investors be looking at in this region to generate returns?
-          Analysis on how volatility would look in a post QE era and impact on Asian financial market
-          Tide of QE is turning. Do you agree with the forecasted pace: 14trillion reduced to 1$12trillion by 2021 – 15% decline.  Has QE been a massive driver for Asian Fixed Income demand?
-          How the end of QE impact interest rates and where should you position yourself on the yield curve?
-          Top 2-3  things you are doing to prepare your investment portfolio for a new era

12:50 PM ETF Panel: With the launch of the ChinaAMC’s Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury & Policy Bank Bond Index ETF how has the Fixed Income ETF market gained momentum in Asia?

Diversity is really lacking in the Hong Kong ETF space and according to a survey conducted by Brown Brothers Harriman, although a majority of Hong Kong investors plan to increase their ETF investments in the next 12 months, they would like to see more ETF products across different asset classes. 65% of them want to see more global fixed income products and 63% of them want to see more currency-hedged products, as there are only two such ETFs listed in Hong Kong. In this session our panel of speakers from  Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and Lombard Ordier will examine:
-          Assets in Hong Kong’s ETF industry having grown threefold in the last 10 years, why does the market still remains small and lack product diversification?
-          What are the current challenges in estimating the depth of the ETF market amongst institutional investors?
-          What are the main reasons for the lack of ETF popularity among the local investors?
-          The advantages and disadvantages of ETFs and the liquidity in ETFs - how to manage liquidity in the Fixed income environment and what are the challenges?
-          Matching your bond world to ETFs- Where should ETFs lie in the trading ecosystem and how can you bring these two worlds together for more diversified trading and execution options?
-          How can you enhance trading efficiencies in fixed income ETFs? And what have been the recent innovations in the Hong Kong ETF market?
-          ETF market evolution- what does the future hold for fixed income ETFs and how is the market forecasted to evolve over the next 3 years?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tariq .

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