Fixed Income Hong Kong 2019

28 - 29 May, 2019

Harbour Grand, Hong Kong

+65 6722-9455

Brett Elvish

Financial Viewpoint

12:20 PM All Star Panel: Proving best execution – How can you use data analytics and TCA to establish the best path to trade and justify your execution on a regular basis?

Increased regulatory pressure, the drive towards operational efficiencies and the requirement to deliver “best execution” are part of a matrix of forces leading buy-side firms to reassess both their data requirements and technology infrastructure and is forcing all industry participants to reassess the quality, efficiency and sustainability of their existing trading systems. Listen to our expert speakers who will shed light on the key steps to ensure that you have taken all the sufficient steps to comply with best execution requirements:
-          The evolution of best execution – How are leading buy side heads measuring best execution and what changes have they made to take advantage of electronic markets?
-          More than just price – How can you determine the speed, liquidity, likelihood of execution and settlement, size and nature of the trade through your pre-trade analytics?
-          How can you implement TCA and analytics when trades are not done electronically and how do you then prove best execution?
-          Debate: Do you actually need TCA in fixed income to justify your execution?

3:10 PM Keynote Interview: As Green Bonds grow in popularity, is it better to launch it as a separate fund as opposed to integrating them into your mainstream portfolio?

With the recent green bond taxonomy labelling, US$5 billion worth of green bonds being issued and the launch of the 3 year green bond grant scheme in Sep 2018, how will this unveil a long-term stable return for investors? Our speakers here will examine:
-          With the increasing trend in sustainable investment, is green bond the next best investment Asset class?
-          Is the green bond market going to be an asset class and is green investing a legitimate sector?
-          The unclear benefits of green bonds – Are issuers issuing green bond only for tax exemption reasons or where exactly is the channelling of funds happening?
-          The lack of liquidity and research in green bonds – is it possible for investors to make educated investment decisions to gain positive returns from green bonds?
-          Growth in this space - Are investors really looking to invest in green bonds despite the lack of any clear benchmark standards in this space?
-          Hong Kong’s 3 year green bond grant scheme - Has the HK$100 billion green bond plan to established Hong Kong as global hub?
-          Can Hong Kong be the bridge to the world for mainland China’s green bond market?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Brett.

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